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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hollywood's War on God

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Howard Beale Show (1976)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jiddu Krishnamurti: Life Story and Teachings

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Krishnamurti Speaks with Dr. Anderson (1974)

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jefferson's Koans

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kevala Jnana

Kevala Jñāna

There are two aspects to Kevala Jñāna : complete realisation of self and omniscience, complete knowledge of non-self.
A person who attains Kevala Jñāna realises the true nature of his soul. He remains engrossed in his true self. He is free from all desires and detached from all worldly activities, as he has achieved the highest objective that can be achieved by the soul.
Secondly, Kevala Jñāna also means complete knowledge of all the activities and objects in the universe. Jain texts describe the omniscience of Mahavira in this way:

When the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira had become a Jina and Arhat, he was a Kevali, omniscient and comprehending all objects; he knew and saw all conditions of the world, of gods, men, and demons: whence they come, whither they go, whether they are born as men or animals or become gods or hell-beings (upapada), the ideas, the thoughts of their minds, the food, doings, desires, the open and secret deeds of all the living beings in the whole world; he the Arhat, for whom there is no secret, knew and saw all conditions of all living beings in the world, what they thought, spoke, or did at any moment.

Kevala Jñāna and Moksa

Kevala Jñāna and Moksa are intricately related. Moksa, or liberation, can only be attained by the enlightened beings who have attained Kevala Jñāna. After the death or nirvana of a Kevalin, he becomes a Siddha, a liberated soul in a state of infinite bliss, knowledge, perception and power. It is a permanent and irreversible state, free from sufferings, births and death. It is a state of permanent untrammeled bliss.

Supreme Non-attachment or Vītarāga

There is a direct relationship between Supreme Non-attachment and Omniscience. In the higher stages of meditation or dhyāna, one first attains the state of Vītarāga wherein one is completely freed of all feelings of attachment to all else other than one's soul. Once a permanent state of Vītarāga is achieved, omniscience follows. This is because omniscience is the basic nature of the soul and it is merely clogged by the presence of the 8 types of karmas in the soul. The attainment of Vītarāga ensures that the 4 types of destructive karmas known as ghatiya karmas are dissociated from the soul permanently. Hence, since the destructive karmas are not present in the soul any more, the soul attains omniscience, its natural attribute.

Types of Karmas

There are eight types of karmas, categorized into four Ghatiya and four Aghatiya karmas.

Ghatiya karmas

These directly affect the attributes of the soul. These are:
1. Knowledge-obscuring karma (Jnanavarniya karma) – These karmas obscure the knowledge attribute of the soul.
2. Perception-obscuring karma (Darshanavarniya karma) – These karmas diminish the powers of Perception of a soul.
3. Deluding karma (Mohaniya karma) – These karmas are an instrumental cause of destruction the soul's right belief and right conduct. Of all karmas, deluding karma is the most difficult to overcome. Once this is eradicated, liberation is ensured.
4. Obstructing karma (Antaraya karma) – The fruition of these karmas creates obstructions to giving donations, obtaining gains, and enjoying things.
When Ghatiya karmas are totally destroyed, the soul attains kevaljnana or omniscience. Liberation is guaranteed for such souls in the same lifetime as soon it burns off the Aghatiya karmas also.

Aghatiya karmas

These do not affect the soul directly; rather, they have an effect on the body that houses the soul. These are:
1. Lifespan-determining karma (Ayu karma) – These karmas determine the subsequent states of existence and lifespan therein after death. The soul gets locked either into subhuman (Tiryanch), infernal (Naraki), human (Manushya), or celestial (Dev) bodies for its next birth.
2. Body-determining karma (Nama karma) – These karmas determine the type of body occupied by the soul.
3. Status-determining karma (Gotra karma) – The fruition of these karmas gives one high status or low status in society.
4. Feeling-producing karma (Vedaniya karma) – These karmas become an instrumental cause of the interruption of the soul's uninterrupted happiness (Avyabadh sukha). As a result of this, the soul remains agitated.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Egomaniacs and the Opposite

Whenever you hear something about spirituality, they talk about your ego and how bad it is. It seems to be an obsession, this hostility towards their ego. How many of these ego-haters have seen heaven? Well, I haven't seen heaven either, but I'm working on it.

What is so detrimental with this ego? How do you know, you have an ego in the first place? When I talk about knowing something, about knowledge I refer to what I'm actually aware of. There may be something like knowledge stored as information-patterns in your subconscious mind, but in this we aren't interested here, because we want to work with knowledge here, and you cannot work with what you aren't aware of. Easy, isn't it? 

Whatever you do, whether it's in your thoughts, whether it's in your dreams, or whether it's in so called material reality, we always have a fundamental underlying principle: There is something you interact with, the known, the object, the perceived, what you are aware of. If the only thing you are aware of is you, the self, then obviously interaction is not possible. You can only interact with something or someone, and if neither exists, then how do you want to interact? 

The meaning itself of the principle of interaction states, that there have to be at least two in order to interact. Interaction means an act in between, and between implies, that there are at least two. In physics interaction refers to two objects or two fields.

Considering, that all is one, it is quite strange, that interaction is possible at all. All is one, but in illusion there are many, and where there are many, interaction is possible, but in illusion only. When we perceive illusion as real, it becomes real, for it is always as real, as you perceive it to be. This real versus illusion discussion is purely intellectual and leads to nowhere. The illusion is real, the real is illusion an that's that.

Now, let us go back to this ego. When we have an apple and two people, and both of them want to have the whole apple, then conflict is inevitable. Your will to have the apple is your desire. You desire the apple. And obviously since the other one has the same desire, friction between the two is inevitable. This battle for the apple can be considered an archetype for all battles that exist on this planet and elsewhere. If we understand this fundamental conflict, and if we are able to resolve it, then we should also be able to resolve or at least understand all conflicts in his world.

Now what is ego? Can you show me a piece of ego? We stated, that we do not consider subconscious information as knowledge, only conscious knowledge, and conscious is what you are aware of. If the word ego has any meaning for us, the it must be something we can be aware of. 

Now we aren't interested in words here. If only the word 'ego' is real and nothing else, then the word describes something that isn't there, and thus we don't have to discuss it at all. But then if ego didn't exist in the first place, why should there be a word describing it? We thus assume there truly is something like ego. We aren't word-fetishists and we do not believe, that problems can be solved by messing around with words. We want to deal with the real thing, with what we are aware of. 

When you use a word to describe a feeling of pain, then the pain itself is what matters and not the word 'pain'. Thus we aren't interested in words, we focus on the real thing, the state of consciousness. Words are merely being used in order to describe such a state of consciousness. This state of consciousness also exists if we don't name it. We look at what is there even when not using any words. Words can be used in order to induce a specific state of consciousness, but that's another story.

We have said, that there must be something like ego even beyond words and thus it must be a state of consciousness. But what state of consciousness? If you close your eyes and clear your awareness of any contents, obviously no state of consciousness remains, for it has been cleared. Nothingness isn't called a state of consciousness here. Now, there is nothing you're aware of and obviously the ego is no longer here, provided it is or was a state of consciousness. You may call pure awareness the ego, but to call the allseeing eye of God the ego would miss the point, for that's not the kind of ego we are dealing with here. Unless you are Shiva, you don't want to get rid of that kind of supreme ego.

So ego must be a state of consciousness. But what state of consciousness? Is it a picture, is it a sound, is it a feeling, is it a color? Even a blind man must have an ego. What we have learned so far is that ego must be something very unstable, because you can get rid of it by simply being aware of nothingness. Apparently no fight is needed in order to get rid of it, if we can get rid of it so easily.

Why should we get rid of the ego in the first place? Any important spiritual people talk about it, so there must be something about it. So let us play sheeple. 

In nothingness there is no ego, granted, but we cannot keep up that state of nothingness in everyday life, so there must be a way to get rid of ego without having to resort to nothingness. Solving a problem by deleting everything with nothingness is our ultima ratio, our last resort. Let us assume, that there is a virus on your computer, you may now simply delete everything in order to get rid of this virus, you may also use a bullet from a pistol in order to get rid of your ego. Let us now be a bit more gentle, let us be gentlemen or ladies. To have a gentle world, we have to become gentle ourselves. Shiva will solve all problems by deleting everything, but before this happens, we will have to be a bit more specific.

If there is nothingness in your awareness, there is no ego. Ego happens to you, as soon there is interaction. No interaction, no ego. Your ego manifests itself by the mere fact that you perceive something, something you do not consider to belong to yourself. This definition of the perceived as not belonging to yourself, to your Self, this is ego. As soon as the perceived is integrated, is felt as belonging to your Self, ego dissolves. Easy isn't it?

Do we have to fight? No, just look at it. Pure awareness, pure observation is extremely powerful. Pure observation is the supreme form of doing. And that's that.

Ego simply means to have priorities, to do what feels good. Your desire is desire for what makes you feel good, and your desire is to get rid of what makes you feel bad. Obviously the feelings in your soul are more important, than those in another soul. Your soul is your priority. Paradoxically, if all humans had less ego, less duality between the perceiver and the perceived, there would be more heaven on earth and this would be better for all souls.

To do what is good for your soul can't be bad, for it is good for your soul. Are good feelings bad for your soul? What you feel, God also feels, and can it be bad to create good feelings for God? The question is this: How can we improve our states of consciousness, the feelings in our soul, without falling back into duality, into ego? Can we do what is good for our soul, without creating duality? Remember, duality means conflict, and conflict means suffering

I suggest, you look at your soul-mind as a laboratory: You transcend duality, and then you just watch if your life improves. That's the scientific approach: Let us make experiments, and see what results we get.

god bless

Friday, December 26, 2008

Energy and Illusion as Quantum Reality as the Future

Part 1: The perceptual energy being attributed to the illusion of separate perception is not really separate. But since it appears as separate one behaves as if it was separate. This identification with one's separate perception, with one's individual perceptions creates conflicts, and conflicts create suffering. 

This video describes us being separated from the source as a result of different veils, which create the illusion of separate existence. Opinions are mental constructs, reflecting illusionary separate consciousness. Everything is mental, is opinion and thus even what you believe to be you is an opinion only, an attribution of energy to the illusion of separate existence. 

However, behind these concepts, there is the point of origin and this is the knower of illusion behind it, the knower knowing the known, the knower making all these illusions possible. The identity of this ultimate knower is being evaluated based on the concepts being known by this knower and this results in a fundamental misunderstanding concerning the true nature of this supreme knower.

Part 2: You have opinions, and opinions are merely reflections of your limited personality, of your limited point of view. You have opinions about the observed, about something or someone, about what you perceive in your mind, about what has a meaning for you. What you perceive and what has a meaning for you is a symbol, a concept, a meaningful picture. 

Your illusionary personality manifests itself not merely as your opinion about what you observe, but also as the symbolic meaning itself being attributed to the observed. And thus, your personality manifests itself as the meaning being attributed to the thought-patterns you're aware of. One could say, that thought interacts with thought, an opinion interacts with an opinion.  What you believe to be is a thought, what you observe is a thought too. The observer is a thought and the observed is a thought too. Thought interacts with thought, like two material objects interacting with each other. 

There is no real conflict, only the illusion of conflict exists. Laws and rules are the collective ossifications of the sum of individual perceptions, the sum of individual illusions, that manifest as so called material reality. The Supreme Self is not the physical itself, however, it makes the physical possible. The source is not the physical, but the physical is on a higher level than the picture of the physical in our perception. The physical itself consists of symbols, and what we are aware of are symbols being attributed to symbols. Even the primary symbols are an illusion. What we are aware of, is an illusion of an illusion, so to speak.

No, we are not helpless, we are as powerful, as the illusions we have created. Letting go means the dissolution of the density of meaning being attributed to the perceived.

These videos are truly exceptional.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Stand Absolute

Instruction manual on how to stand absolute

The girl you see in the videos is not the being actually speaking. She seems to be a channeling medium, an interdimensional portal. Anyway this is supreme wisdom - a rare event nowadays, in these unwise ages. I have seen and read a lot, and hardly have I come along so much wisdom in one place. Although I have to say, the desteni website seems quite strange, so much disinformation and so much wisdom all in the same place. I suggest you simply watch these videos and ignore the rest. 

Disinformation is about mixing up truths with untruths and half-truths. You mix the poison with honey, so people are willing to swallow it. What is being said on the desteni website about Jesus is inconsistent with what has been said by Meher Baba. What they say about many other subjects contradicts much of what I've read. 

Anyway, I suggest you simply don't believe anything and just be here and now. Instead of believing new things, I suggest, you just stop believing in what you have believed in so far: Simply assume, that everything you have known and learned so far is wrong. Start from zero so to say. To gradually unlearn everything you have learned till now, would take you ages. I suggest you simply drop all of that. 

Believe in what you are aware of, the moment you are aware of it, as a mind consciousness construct. See whatever you see as a thought only. Jiddu Krishnamurty, the super intellectual put it beautifully: You cannot get beyond the mind by judging with your mind, what your mind makes you be conscious of. Just look at everything you are aware of as what it appears to be, make the subjective stand absolute, see all of your perceptions as mind constructs, that are true as long as you believe them to be true. 

Nothing is what it appears to be in this world, and yet in your mind everything is exactly what it appears to be. Here and now it is what it is. You make it what it is, by seeing it the way you make it being seen by you. If you change the way it appears onto you, you change it, you create it, you destroy it. Don't rely on anybody. Make no gods, be your own god. You make it real and unreal. 

These videos are true mind control. Following these will completely wipe out your personality. So be warned, they are dangerous, dangerous to what you believe to be. Transcendence comes at a price: Sacrifice everything and become everything.

And remember not to remember anything. Do not trust me at any cost for I am a thief and a liar. Be just Be.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Age of Information Has Ended

"All paths lead to unreality. Paths are creations within the scope of knowledge. Therefore, paths and movements cannot transport you in Reality, because their function is to enmesh you within the dimension of knowledge, while the Reality prevails prior to it."


The age of information has ended? You don't believe this, I guess. You know, I'm my own country, I have my own religion, I'm my own corporate controlled media, I'm my own teacher, I'm my own greatest admirer and worst critic, and the most interesting dialogues I have with my own mind. Most people boldly state, that they represent this and that, I'm a simple fellow, I simply represent myself. I create my own beliefs and they are all futile, as futile as yours.

The age of information has ended? Yes, it has ended for me. Where has the age of information ever existed, if not in your own mind? Are you not the master of your own mind? Do you let others define, whether the age of information has ended or not? I don't. So, the age of information has ended, because I say so, and that's that.

Objectivity is subjective you say? Yes, that's true. And subjectivity is objective. And that's true too. What is the NOUMENON? Pure subjectivity.

You know, Jiddu Krishnamurti closed down the 'Order of the Star of the East' and his followers were shocked. Now, I understand, why he did this. He was not a fool. He said exactly what Nisargadatta said too.

But hey, do not believe something, because a wise man says so. What authority does the one have, who defines something, if you reject the authority of the one who defines? You are the ultimate definer. Without you, were is the one who defines? Think about it, you lovable fool.